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Ronstan Scissors - Cuts Kevlar & Dyneema Material - 8" [RFSCISSORS]

Ronstan Scissors - Cuts Kevlar & Dyneema Material - 8" [RFSCISSORS]

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Scissors - Cuts Kevlar & Dyneema® Material - 8"

Specially Designed for cutting Kevlar materials. Excellent for cutting Plastic Canvas, Upholstory, Cloth, Fabric, String and many other materials.

High Carbon alloy steel with Molybdeum and Vanadium blades, precision hollow ground and hardened for long-lasting edge. Ergonomic modern handles allow for both right and left handed users. Adjustable pivot point allows the blades tension to be modified. One micro-serration blade reduces slippage.


  • High quality scissors for cutting Kevlar and Dyneema Threads
  • Used for splicing all type of halyards, sheets, topping lifts, lazyjacks and control lines
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